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Love Poetry of The World is my site solely dedicated to providing a passionate insight into, and the publication of the very best love poetry from different land and climes, history and histrionics, black and white and even gender. Enjoy my personal voyage into the exotic diversity of the world of love poetry!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


An Introduction -

"No other form of literature or the written word is able to bring you into the most personal mind and heart of a writer than the poems he writes to express his deepest feelings or narrate a moving experience.
Of all the emotions, the topic of LOVE has always been of enduring fascination and occupation...

Its all here, from the earliest poems ever composed by mankind from ancient Egypt, to the Classical period, the French Troubadours that revolutionised medieval Europe and made a religion out of romantic love, the English romantics of the eighteenth century, to the urban love poetry of the modern world"...

If you would like to read the full version of my introduction to love poetry of the world, follow this link...

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Femi Odebunmi
Love Poetry of The World


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